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Join us to create the authentic, connected and pleasureful intimate life you really want (at a fraction of the cost of private coaching). Get 24/7 access to monthly mini-courses & support in this empowering, sex-positive membership community.


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Overcome shame and blame in your relationships, learn life-changing communication skills and manifest a more fulfilling sex life in my transformative online course, with versions for both individuals and partners.


Personalized support for individuals or partners.

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Create lasting transformation through a premium virtual coaching journey with Janel. Overcome conflict, enjoy shame-free sexuality, gain new intimacy practices and communication skills, feel more deeply connected, and create truly authentic relationships.


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Are you or you and your partner seeking quick support without the fuss  of a video coaching session, or to see if a multi-session package is right for you? Schedule a one-time call with Janel.  If you decide to move forward with a package, the call fee will be applied to the package of your choice.

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If you need confidential 1:1 support on your own time and at a very accessible price point, simply submit your issue or question and I will send you a video message with personalized advice and encouragement. To get started, book a video message consultation here.


"I'm usually so worried about my partners' feelings that I forget about myself. Janel helped me figure out what I really want from my relationships." 

-Molly F.

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