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Design a win-win sex life and a more open, authentic relationship step-by-step in our curriculum-based, experiential online courses and group coaching programs for couples.

What is your intimacy goal?

We want to design a more open relationship.

If you and your partner are at the beginning stages of consensual non-monogamy but one or both of you have hesitations or limitations around opening up, our Relationship Design Intensive will empower you to create a more authentic, secure relationship that works for both of you, without either of you feeling pressured or repressed.

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We want to design a fulfilling sex life between the two of us.

It's time to get on the same page in the bedroom. Through our Desire Archetypes™️ methodology, you and your partner can create a win-win intimate life by discovering where your erotic personality types overlap. Take the quiz to find out your Archetypes and apply to get free access to our intro class on overcoming sexual incompatibility.

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"Your teachings and exercises are more effective, profound and intimate than going to a marriage counselor for 9 months post-marriage and a couple times pre-marriage. My husband and I made serious breakthroughs and see each other in a whole new light. Thank you, Janel. Seriously."

-Rachel E.

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