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Starting in 2022, Janel is offering coaching only to those who are participating in or have graduated from her group programs.

If you are looking for personalized 1:1 or couples support from a certified coach right away, book a discovery call with one of our excellent affiliate coaches below.


Virtual Coaching with Patrick

Based in California; recommended for those in Western time zones

Patrick, Janel's partner, is a certified coach with a BS and MBA from UC Berkeley and a Master's in Psychology from the Wright Institute. He's passionate about helping individuals and couples develop more authentic intimate relationships and love themselves more deeply. Patrick has worked in mentoring capacities for twenty years and has studied interpersonal dynamics, compassionate communication, and human behavior throughout. He has participated in hundreds of hours of communication and facilitation trainings on nonviolent communication, anti-oppression, facilitation, and group counseling.


Virtual Coaching with Becky

Based in the Netherlands; recommended for those in Eastern time zones

Becky is a sex & relationship coach trained in the Somatica Method and is a coach in Janel's Desire by Design program helping couples overcome sexual incompatibility. She works internationally with couples and individuals online and has extensive experience supporting LGBTQIA+ and polyamorous clients. Becky is originally from the Eastern U.S. but is currently in a Counseling Psychology master's program in the Netherlands. She has lived in various intentional communities for four years and is passionate about creating containers where people feel safe, seen, connected, and able to fully express themselves.


"Our sessions were deeply moving. We had conversations about things we'd never shared before. Everyone should have this experience." 

-Charles & Lauren

We help with:

Communication for connected conflict

Talking about our needs, desires and boundaries are hard because no one ever taught us how to do it and we're afraid to lose our attachment people by speaking up for ourselves. But sharing our needs and desires and working through conflict together helps us feel closer to the people we love. Learn and practice the communication skills, emotional vulnerability, self-awareness and emotional intelligence needed to maintain healthy relationships and prevent resentment and dishonesty.

Unconventional relationships & desires

Do you need help on your journey with ethical non-monogamy, open-relationships, kink and BDSM? We are passionate about supporting people with "unconventional" desires to live their best lives because we can personally relate! We frequently work with partners with different levels of comfort around unconventional lifestyles to find win-win solutions. 

Relationship design

You and your partner are unique individuals, so why try to fit into one-size-fits-all social norms around relationships?You get to design an intimate life that works for YOU and whoever you're with, without shame. Discover and feel confident communicating about what you authentically want in love and sex, support your partner to be truly themselves and practice talking about your fears, needs and desires. 

Overcoming infidelity

We help partners rebuild trust after cheating and boundary violations. The person who cheated can change, and partners can heal and even become closer after infidelity. We have the nonjudgmental compassion and skill to help you get to the root of why this happened and to heal from it.

Free Coaching for Unconventional Desires

Are you and your partner struggling with ethical non-monogamy, open relationships, kink or BDSM and want free coaching in exchange for the session being recorded and published to help others? Apply for the Unconventional Desires Project.


Mismatched libidos & desires

If you and your partner want seemingly different things in the bedroom or one person wants more sex than the other person does, we can help you navigate this painful issue. You and your partner can create win-win agreements for compromise to feel more intimately connected without overstepping either of your boundaries. 

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