What if being faithful had nothing to do with sex?

"Fidelity” and “faithfulness” in a relationship have come to mean having physical and/or emotional intimacy with only one person at a time.

But what if being faithful to a partner had nothing to do with sex?


I know, right?!

It's a radical concept.


Maybe you feel safest sharing physical and emotional intimacy with one person at a time and that’s what you want in return.

Many people feel that a closed container allows them to go deeper with a partner than they could otherwise, and that’s beautiful.

If that's your definition of faithfulness, that's cool. But being faithful to a partner might also mean committing to growing together and supporting them in their growth even when it’s hard. That’s the kind of faithfulness I’m interested in. 💫 As long as the people you’re in relationships with share your values, there are many right ways to define your morality.

#openrelationships #nonmonogamy

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