My #1 tip for asking for something you need.

Asking for what we need is awkward...because we don’t like having needs.

We don’t want to impose on people. We don’t want to interrupt the flow of whatever is happening. The list of reasons for not communicating our needs is endless.

I personally HATE having needs. 🥴 But asking for what you need or desire makes you feel closer to the people you’re close to. In turn, it makes them feel closer to you. Anyone who loves you wants to know what you need. Let me repeat that. The people who love you want to know what you need!

So instead of holding your tongue until you get resentful, try this:

“I have a request.”

This is my preferred phrase to use when setting the stage for communicating something I need from my partner(s) (or anyone, really).

Examples: “I have a request...” ♥️”... I would feel so taken care of if you took out the trash.” ♥️”...I would love it if you went down on me tonight.” ♥️”...After you go on a date with someone else, can we spend the whole next day together?” You get the idea.💡 What’s the thing you need to request today in order to feel more connected?

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