Payment + Return Policy

Payment + Return Policy


Session, course, and package fees are non-refundable.  We want to work with people who are really committed.  We have found that when you fully commit to a coaching journey or program, you get the best results from it.  Fully committing both financially and energetically are imperative to the energy we want you to receive from Love with Janel coaching and coursework, and therefore no refunds are offered.


Pay in full: If you choose the pay in full option, your payment will be due at the moment you check out, and will be processed from the method at which you check out with.
Payment Plan: If you choose the payment plan, every 30 days you will be charged for the agreed-upon amount, for the agreed-upon amount of months.

If the client(s) are paying for their coaching journey or course(es) via a payment plan, the credit card you used at sign-up will be automatically charged monthly as specified above. The client(s) agree to ensure their payments are successful and to update their credit card on file if it expires during the time period of the payment plan.  A failed charge will result in an immediate cessation of coaching or course access until the debt is paid within a period of 5 days.  After 5 days, further coaching sessions and or access to the course will be terminated and the client is liable for any outstanding debts/fees owed for previous sessions that have yet to be paid.


Our company is not part of any in-network insurance panels and the client(s) should not expect any of the services to be covered or reimbursed by insurance or through a flexible spending account. The client(s) assume full responsibility for and agree to pay all costs, charges, and expenses for services rendered under this Agreement. 


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