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"But I don't want to rock the boat..."

You're yearning to explore but don't want to hurt your partner. You are craving more intimacy and wish you could be honest about your desires, but don't know where to start. You want something more than a one-size-fits-all relationship but don't want to rock the boat.

If you want honest exploration and openness in your relationships, it does NOT make you selfish, wrong or bad.


I get you. You value emotional intimacy and growth. You want to evolve into the best version of yourself through the mirror of deep connections. You want to thrive. And you are not alone.


You can create healthy, deeply intimate relationships that have security and freedom. Being vulnerable about your desires can help you and your partner get closer. Showing up as your authentic self in relationship is the key to real, lasting intimacy. You can design a love and sex life that truly fits you. 

You bElong here. 

Let me be your guide for designing a more open, thriving relationship.

open relationships

Relationships aren't one-size-fits-all. Are you ready for something more than a conventional relationship?  Find out You can create a secure relationship with room to explore! You can have security and freedom. Download my free guide for talking to a partner about a more open relationship. Get closer and feel more alive.

Every relationship is as unique as the people in them.

You can be loved as 100% yourself. You deserve to be loved as 100% yourself. 

Real intimacy is loving each other as 100% yourselves. 

Design a

More Open Relationship:

for Couples

You're committed to being together, but one or both of you would like a little more freedom and a lot more emotional intimacy.


In this 4-week live online course for only 4 couples, explore how opening up (even just a little) can bring you closer:

  • Practice communicating about your desires.

  • Learn how to deal with jealousy.

  • Design boundaries that will help you feel safe.

  • Fall more deeply in love with each other by creating relationship-strengthening affirmations and rituals.

  • Connect with other couples who share your values.


Apply now to secure your spot in the program.


Design a More Open


for Individuals

Conventional relationships aren't working so well for you but you're not sure what other options are out there. You don't know a lot of other people like you, and you're curious to learn about creating intimate relationships that actually fit your needs and desires.


Whether you're partnered or single, join me on a 4-week online group coaching & support journey to figure out what you want in sex and love, practice talking about it in a shame-free way, and connect with others who feel the way you do. 


Open to only 8 individuals. Apply now to secure your place in the next cohort.


Intimacy for the

Modern Man

You want sexual freedom, but you don't want to hurt your partner. You want to be real about your desires and connect with women who desire you. 

Enjoying a more open relationship requires the tools of conscious masculinity: owning what you want, honest 

communication, and emotional intelligence. Join Janel and a male facilitator for this live, 4-week virtual masterclass.


Opening Up

for Women

Do you feel like you need variety to keep your love and libido alive? Are you interested in opening up your relationship, but you're nervous to talk to your partner about it? 

New research is finding that many women feel the way you do. Join Janel for a 4-week online group coaching and support program for you and 7 other women like you.



Differing Desires:

A Healing Journey

If you and your partner have different desires when it comes to opening up your relationship, join this 4-week online group coaching program for 8 people on both sides of the story. 


Heal together and learn from each other with guidance and support from Janel. Open to all genders and sexualities.


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