Fearless Love

Create a thriving, more open relationship in 40 days.

Design a more deeply connected relationship around your authentic needs and desires in my live online course for individuals and partners. 

Discover What You Really Want

What do you really 

want and need from your intimate relationships? Get inspired by alternative relationship styles, 

envision your ideal love & sex life and practice talking about it without shame.


Differing Desires 

Do you and a partner have different desires for openness in your relationship? Get closer and practice holding space for each other's feelings without pressuring each other to change.

Transform Fear & Jealousy

Relationship fears stem from childhood wounds. The ways we learned to adapt can interfere with our connections. Identify your Adaptive Archetype to know how to address fears and jealousies.

Create Win-Win Agreements

With the tools of open communication and deep empathy, design relationship agreements that empower you and your partner to get your needs and desires met while experiencing joy for one another.

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