Gain confidence in sex and love to find the right partner(s) for you. Practice communicating about your desires and develop emotional intelligence. Explore the tools of intimacy in a safe container.


Create relationships that help you grow, not hold you back, with Janel Marie sex and relationship coaching for the Bay Area (Silicon Valley and Oakland) and beyond.

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Talking about our needs and desires is hard because no one ever taught us how to do it. Embrace what you really want in sex and love—and practice verbal and nonverbal ways to communicate it.




You and your partner are unique individuals, so why try to fit into some mold? You get to design a love and sex life that works for YOU. Discover what you want in relationships. Practice talking about your fears, needs and desires. Learn to support your partner(s) in their own evolution. 

Truly intimate relationships help you grow, not hold you back. 

open love

Are you non-monogamous or curious about it?  

Explore open relationships or polyamory  

with support and guidance from an expert.

Boundaries for

healthy connection

Most of us think that boundaries disconnect us from each other.

Actually, speaking up about our needs and desires helps us feel closer to the people we love. Learn to maintain healthy relationships and prevent resentment, guilt and dishonesty.


I was trained at the Somatica Institutethe Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, and hold a bachelor's degree in Communication from the University of Southern California. My approach to sex and relationship coaching is interactive and holistic. It is based on the proven concept that experiential learning can more quickly and deeply impact personal growth than does traditional talk therapy or cognitive learning. Through somatic (body-based) exercises such as meditation, visualization, breath work, role play and consensual touch, I will help you gain confidence around intimacy, celebrate your desires, learn to identify and ask for what you want, and feel more connected to yourself and others. 


Courtesy of the Somatica Institute, 2018


"Because of Janel, I remembered that I am worthy of love and that I'm fucking sexy. She helped me regain the confidence that I had back in college. She helped me find myself again."


"Janel is incredibly easy to talk to and an excellent listener. I felt complete non-judgment from her and affirmation of everything I was feeling. I appreciated how she often brought the conversation back to me and away from my partner, which allowed me to really focus on what I want from a relationship."


"Thank you, Janel. I feel more open and I understand myself better than I ever have before."


Let's get started

I offer in-person sessions and intensives in the SF Bay Area (Menlo Park and Oakland, California) as well as online coaching. Get in touch for a free 15-minute discovery call.

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