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Sometimes, something's got to change in your sex life or relationship—but you don't know what to do or where to start.


All of us experience conflict, shame, blame, guilt, jealousy and sometimes even devastating issues like infidelity and mismatched sexual desire in our intimate relationships. But it is possible to overcome these problems and even transform them into greater confidence, more self-compassion, more connected sex and deeper intimacy that you may have thought was possible. 


As a sexual empowerment and shame-free relationship coach, my passion is helping you design and create a road map that works for YOU to create the most authentic, thriving intimate life possible. Let me be your cheerleader, support person and guide on your personalized journey towards more fulfilling sexuality, intimacy and relationships.


coaching Packages

6 sessions

Couple Showing Affection

Transformation Journey

12 sessions for

Individuals or Partners

My signature 3-month coaching journey for individuals or partners empowers you to master the changes you seek in your relationships and sex life. What you'll discover and practice in coaching will become "emotional muscle memory," ensuring a lasting transformation in your intimate life.

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Skill Building

6 sessions for

Individuals or Partners

Prefer a "starter" package? This 6-session coaching journey an abbreviated but powerful way for individuals or partners to identify goals for their intimate life and begin practicing new tools & skills. Start communicating better to overcome conflict and create more fulfilling sex and relationships.

Introductory options

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One Virtual Session

Though a multi-session coaching journey is most effective, you can schedule a stand-alone Zoom coaching session for individuals or partners to begin exploring without committing to a package just yet. 

Established clients: schedule session times here.


Phone Consultation

Schedule a 30-minute consultation call as an individual or couple for more accessible, convenient support and/or to assess if a coaching journey is right for you. Should you choose to move forward with coaching, the call fee will be applied towards the package of your choice.

Video Message

For confidential 1:1 support at my most accessible price point, submit your issue or question and I will record and send you a brief video message with personalized advice and encouragement. To get started, book a personalized video here.

Areas of Expertise

Designing empowering relationships

You and your partner are unique individuals, so why try to fit into some mold? You get to design a love and sex life that works for YOU. Discover what you authentically want in your relationships; practice talking about your fears, needs and desires; support your partners to be truly themselves; and feel confident overcoming conflict along the way.

Intimate communication

Talking about our needs and desires is hard because no one ever taught us how to do it. Embrace what you really want in sex and love—and practice verbal and nonverbal ways to communicate it.

Boundaries for healthy connection

Most of us were taught to think that establishing boundaries disconnects us from each other. Actually, speaking up for our needs and desires helps us feel closer to the people we love. Learn to maintain healthy relationships and prevent resentment and dishonesty.

Open relationships

Are you non-monogamous or curious about it?  

Explore open relationships and ethical non-monogamy  

with support and guidance from an expert.

I work with individuals, couples and partners who are on a journey of discovery around what they really want in their intimate relationships, regardless of social convention. If you're single, commit to a personal growth journey that will help you attract the right partners. If you're partnered, transform your relationship and take it to the next level of intimacy, communication and trust.

I believe that everyone has the right to create healthy, honest relationships that truly fit them. I'm nonjudgmental and open-minded to all sexual and relationship orientations. 

You will thrive in your coaching journey with me if:

  • You are willing to face your fears and be emotionally vulnerable.

  • You want to be 100% yourself in sex and love and feel desired as your authentic self.

  • You understand the importance of healthy communication and self-awareness.

  • You're ready to practice talking about your desires.

  • You value personal growth, introspection, honesty, empathy and deep connection.

  • You are curious, open-minded and eager to explore. 

Who I work with

Courtesy of the Somatica Institute, 2018


I was training and certified as a coach by the Somatica Institute of sex & relationship coaching (pictured above) and I hold a bachelor's degree in Communication from the University of Southern California. My approach to sex and relationship coaching is interactive and holistic. It is based on the proven concept that experiential learning can more quickly and deeply impact personal growth than does traditional talk therapy or cognitive learning. 


Through somatic (body-based) exercises such as meditation, role playing, visualizations, breath work, guided touch exercises and/or communication exercises, I will help you overcome conflicts in your relationships, learn how to tap into desire, celebrate your sexuality, learn to identify and ask for what you want in your love and sex life, and feel more intimately connected to both yourself and your loved ones.



"Janel literally saved our relationship. I can't believe how much closer we got in just 6 sessions. We have been having sex again for the first time in years. We couldn't recommend working with her more highly."

-Sara & Antonio F.


"Janel is incredibly easy to talk to and an excellent listener. I felt complete non-judgment from her and affirmation of everything I was feeling. I appreciated how she often brought the conversation back to me and away from my partner, which allowed me to really focus on what I want from a relationship."

-Madison R.

"Thank you, Janel. I feel more open and I understand myself better than I ever have before."

-Kumar J.

Still not sure?

Book a call with Janel.

Schedule a 30-minute consultation & support call to assess if virtual coaching is right for you. If you choose to move forward, the fee will be applied to your package of choice. 

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