Adapting together

Saturday, May 2, 2020

10:30am-12:30pm PST

A live, interactive online workshop on overcoming your and your loved ones’ instinctual stress responses and deepening intimacy with proven exercises and tools.

Transform stress into intimacy.

​You know that feeling when someone you're close to gets defensive, and you take it personally, and everyone ends up frustrated? Yeah. It sucks.


But what if our "defense mechanisms" could help us understand ourselves and our loved ones better? What if we started to see them as tools for emotional vulnerability and connection? 

In this time of unprecedented global disruption, the key to better relationships is developing empathetic responses that speak directly to the specific needs and fears of the people we love. 

Join me for an experiential virtual workshop that focuses on REAL PRACTICES for overcoming your and your loved ones' instinctual stress responses. End escalating fights for good, feel closer when times are hard, and experience more connected eroticism with partners using the Adaptive Archetypes methodology.

this is a difficult time

Love each other through it with customized care.

Understand yourself and your loved ones like never before 

and create support strategies that are specifically designed for one other.

Part 1: Communication Breakdown

  • Unpack the 8 main adaptive strategies for dealing with stress and the 5 Disruptors that cause them.

  • Identify your loved ones' Adaptive Archetypes based on their reactions to COVID-19.

  • Deepen your understanding of your loved ones' specific stressors and fears.

  • Design support mechanisms that are hand-tailored to your loved onesArchetypes.

  • Practice saying what your loved ones need to hear when they're triggered based on the six "Healing Sentences" for Archetype relief. 

  • Develop strategies to calm your own nervous system when it's in overdrive and identify how loved ones can help you based on your Archetypes.

  • Practice asking for the specific care and support you need when you're stressed or scared. 

Part 2: Archetype Intimacy 

  • Discover which Archetypes pair well together, which trigger each other, and how to overcome your differences.

  • The secrets to having better, more connected sex based on your and your partner’s Archetype—especially in quarantine.

  • Which Archetype loves Tantra.

  • Which Archetype is drawn towards being dominant in bed.

  • Which Archetype craves feeling worshipped in bed (and how this is different from dominance).

  • Which Archetype can only be truly satisfied when they see their partner satisfied.

  • How to empower your partner to feel what they need to feel in bed without overstepping your own boundaries and needs.

  • How to talk to your partner about what would help you feel more alive & connected in bed and practices to try together.

  • Practice having a conversation about something you desire using my Empowered Sharing template. 

More Details

  • What is this methodology?  The Adaptive Archetypes methodology is based on the work of psychologists like Freud, Reich and Ron Kurtz of the Hakomi Institute, who observed that people develop certain coping strategies for dealing with stress early in life that affect their relationships into adulthood. Celeste & Danielle of the Somatica Institute further linked these character strategies to sexuality and intimacy.

  • When is it and how do I join in?  Adapting Together is on Saturday, May 2nd from 10:30am-12:30pm Pacific. Upon registering, you will receive a Zoom link for the virtual workshop. 

  • Can I join with a partner and do we get a discount for that?  Yes! Whether you're tuning in together from the same location or want to do the workshop with a partner virtually, you will get an additional 50% off a second ticket when you register for two spots. (If you want to participate with a loved one in a different location, y'all will be assigned a private virtual Zoom room in which to do the exercises virtually throughout the workshop).

  • How can I do the practices if I don't join with a loved one?  Individual participants will be assigned a virtual partner and you will do the exercises together in your own private Zoom room throughout the workshop. (You will have some dedicated time to get to know each other at the beginning.)

  • What does it cost? $97, plus an additional 50% off a loved one's ticket if you reserve two spots. That's two hours of transformative tools and intimacy-building exercises for less than half than the cost of one hour-long coaching or therapy session.

50% off a partner spot

Deepen your relationship for less than the cost of one counseling session.

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