I am a sexual empowerment & relationship coach helping people create a more authentic love life.

My Bio

Janel Vitale is a coach and content creator for shame-free relationships and sexual empowerment. Her personal struggles to embrace her sexuality after 14 years in Catholic school let her on a winding journey of self-discovery and exploration. She lived at several progressive "intentional communities" across America; experimented with polyamory (the practice of honestly cultivating loving relationships with more than one person); hiked almost 5,000 miles across America by herself, and attended hundreds of hours of relationship coaching trainings. Now, her passion is empowering others to overcome shame and fear in order to create the intimate relationships they crave.

An expert in emotional intelligence and vulnerable communication, Janel holds a BA in Communication from the University of Southern California and a certification in sex & relationship coaching from the Somatica Institute. Though based in the San Francisco Bay Area, her message has a wide national reach through her TikTok channel @lovewithjanel. You can also find her on IG and YouTube @lovewithjanel.


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Janel Vitale

What I believe

My passion is giving people permission and the tools to be more authentically themselves in love and sex. I believe that when we customize our relationships to fit our authentic needs and desires, not social expectations, we create emotional intimacy—which is real relationship security. Why? Because we are more likely to stay in relationships that empower us to be our true selves and grow with us as we evolve. 


My mission is to help individuals and partners transform fear, jealousy and insecurity into thriving love that inspires growth, exploration and intimacy. With the tools of emotional intelligence and conscious communication, you can have security and freedom in your relationships.


How I got here

My Journey

I've always been into creating a life that authentically fits.

I grew up in a Catholic community in the San Francisco Bay Area and went on to have a pretty insular college experience. When I finally graduated USC in 2008, I knew I needed to go on an adventure of self-discovery to find out who I really was:

  • I traveled the world as a cruise ship singer.

  • I tried my hand at organic farming and permaculture.

  • I lived on communes such as the famous Twin Oaks Community in Virginia, the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri and the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center in California.

  • I experimented with polyamory (cultivating loving relationships honestly with more than one partner at a time).

  • hiked two long distance trails in search of my authentic self.

  • I attended multiple life-changing trainings at the Somatica Institute of sex & relationship coaching.


Over the course of this winding journey, I learned how to face my fears, tap into my intuition, discover what I really want in love and sex, and gained the skills and confidence to communicate about my needs and desires without shame.

My journey inspired me to become a coach to help others who are craving more authenticity and intimacy in their love lives. I empower people to design more fulfilling relationships and sex lives around their authentic needs and desires by providing a road map for how to get there.

The Facts

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area

 (born & raised).

I earned a degree in Communication from USC in 2008.

I am a certified 

Somatica sex & relationship coach.

I teach 265k+ TikTok followers how to thrive in love & sex!

My love story 


After years of relationships that floundered because of my own lack of self-love and emotional intelligence, I finally met the perfect partner for me at Burning Man in 2017 (I cliche 😂). In the years we've been together, Patrick and I have designed our ideal relationship: we are deeply in love and we connect with other people sometimes. It's not always easy, but our shared commitment to emotional awareness and growth—both personally and together—makes it possible.


Ultimately, being authentic about our desire for an open relationship brings us closer. When we experience jealousy and other uncomfortable emotions, our goal is to gently excavate the feelings by asking ourselves, "What is this discomfort trying to teach us about our fears, needs and boundaries?" This practice empowers us to transform our conflicts into deeper intimacy.

Patrick is the most emotionally intelligent man I've ever met and teaches me about self-awareness, healthy boundaries and connected communication every day. Many of the tools and reflections I offer to my clients originate from my relationship with him. My gratitude for being in such a solid relationship for the first time in my life drives me to help others find their own healthy intimate relationships.

Let me be your guide to creating the thriving love & sex life you crave.

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let's do this

Embark on a coaching journey with me and change your life.

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