Janel Vitale is a certified intimacy coach who empowers partners to design their sex and relationships around their authentic needs, desires and boundaries.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Janel, a content creator and somatic coach for shame-free relationships and sexual empowerment. My purpose in life is to give people the tools to understand their desires and feel more free to be themselves in their intimate lives. I'm a total geek for emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and vulnerable communication skills.

After 14 years in Catholic school, I struggled to embrace my sexuality and unconventional relationship orientation. My journey to becoming my most authentic self in love and sex inspired me to become a coach. Now, my passion is empowering you to overcome shame and fear to create the intimate life you really want.

I hold a BA in Communication from the University of Southern California and a certification in sex & relationship coaching from the Somatica Institute. Though based in the San Francisco Bay Area, my content has an international reach through my TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channels. 

What I Believe

I have seen that when partners design their relationships around both of their needs and desires, they create deeper emotional intimacy and longterm relationship satisfaction.

I believe that authenticity is real relationship security. Because we are more likely to stay in relationships that evolve with us and empower us to be our true selves.

My mission is to help  partners overcome fear, jealousy and insecurity and create a thriving love and sex life that inspires growth, exploration and intimacy. With emotional intelligence and vulnerable communication, you can have security and freedom in your relationships.

How I Got Here

My Story

I've always been into creating a life that authentically fits.

My life has been a wild adventure of self-discovery:

  • I traveled the world as a cruise ship singer.

  • I lived at several intentional communities and tried my hand at organic farming.

  • I experimented with polyamory (cultivating serious relationships with more than one partner).

  • I hiked 5,0000 miles on long distance trails in the US and raised $10,000 for girl empowerment nonprofits.

  • I attended multiple life-changing sex & relationship coaching trainings.

Over the course of this winding journey, I learned how to face my fears and trust my intuition.

I discovered what I really want in love and sex.

And I gained the skills and confidence to communicate about my needs and desires without shame.

My journey inspired me to become a coach to help others who are craving more authenticity in their intimate lives. 

I'm honored to be your guide in creating more fulfilling sex and relationships.

Watch my TikTok about my journey to becoming a sex & relationship coach.

Meet Patrick

My partner Patrick is also a relationship coach and guest instructor in my programs. In the years we've been together, Patrick and I have designed a healthy, thriving open relationship in which we continually invest in our partnership and enjoy connecting with others.

It's not always easy, but when we experience jealousy and other uncomfortable emotions, our goal is to gently excavate the feelings by asking ourselves, "What is this discomfort trying to teach us about our fears, needs and boundaries?" This practice empowers us to transform conflict into deeper understanding and intimacy. 

Patrick teaches me about self-awareness, emotional intelligence, healthy boundaries and connected communication every day. Many of the tools and reflections I offer to my clients come from my relationship with him. My gratitude for being in such a solid relationship drives me to help others manifest their own healthy, authentic relationships.

My Coaching Style

I am trained and certified in the Somatica® Method of sex & relationship coaching, which is based on the proven concept that experiential learning can more quickly and deeply impact growth in the intimate realm than traditional talk therapy or cognitive learning. 

Through mind/body exercises like meditations, visualizations, breathwork, touch exercises and role plays, I will empower you to overcome conflicts in your relationships, tap into desire, gain confidence, celebrate your sexuality, and communicate about you want in your love and sex life.

Janel Vitale CSC #19110701

Areas of Expertise 

Mismatched libidos & desires

If you and your partner want very different things in the bedroom or one person wants more sex than the other person does, I can help you navigate your desire differences. You and your partner can create win-win agreements for compromise to feel more intimately connected without overstepping either of your boundaries.

Shame-free unconventional relationships

As someone who identifies as non-monogamous and bisexual, I am passionate about supporting people with unconventional desires to live their best lives. However, I would never "push" a relationship structure, sexual orientation or relationship orientation. I frequently work with partners who have different levels of comfort around non-monogamy to find what works for them as a couple.

Relationship design

You and your partner are unique individuals, so why try to fit into outdated social norms about how relationships are "supposed to" be? You get to design an intimate life that works for YOU, without shame and without overstepping your or your partner's boundaries. Discover and share what you authentically want in love and sex; support your partner to be truly themselves; and practice talking about your fears, needs and desires. 

Overcoming infidelity

Breaking sexual and relationship agreements leads to a painful disruption of trust. However, the person who cheated can change, and partners can heal and become closer after infidelity. Personally, I've been on both sides of this story and have the nonjudgmental compassion and skill to help you. I am honored to work with partners on rebuilding trust after a boundary violation.

Intimate communication

Talking about your needs, desires and boundaries is hard because no one ever taught you how to do it and you're afraid that you'll lose your relationship by speaking up. But sharing your truth and working through conflict together helps couples feel closer. Learn and practice the communication skills, emotional vulnerability, self-awareness and emotional intelligence needed to maintain healthy intimate relationships and to prevent resentment and dishonesty.

Work with Me

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