I am a sexual empowerment & relationship coach helping people create a more authentic love life.

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Janel Marie Vitale

My passion is giving people permission and the tools to be more authentically themselves in love and sex. I believe that when we customize our relationships to fit our authentic needs and desires, not social expectations, we create emotional intimacy—which is real relationship security. Why? Because we are more likely to stay in relationships that empower us to be our true selves and grow with us as we evolve. 


As a certified somatic relationship coach, my mission is to help individuals and partners transform fear, jealousy and insecurity into thriving love that inspires growth, exploration and intimacy. With the tools of emotional intelligence and conscious communication, you can have security and freedom.



How I got here

My Journey

I've always been into creating a life that authentically fits.

I have traveled the world as a cruise ship singer, lived on communes, experimented with polyamory and hiked 4,500 miles across the United States in search of happiness. Along the way, I learned how to face my fears, embrace what I really want in life and love, and communicate about my needs and desires without shame.


All that paid off when I met the perfect partner for me. Over the years, we designed our ideal relationship: we are deeply in love and we are honest about (and sometimes act on) our attractions to other people. It's not always easy, but at the end of the day, being authentic about our desires brings us closer together. Our shared commitment to emotional awareness and growth, both personally and together, makes it possible.

My journey inspired me to become a coach to help like-minded people design more open and intimate relationships around their authentic needs and desires. Let me be your guide to creating a secure, thriving relationship that truly fits you. I'm so happy you're here!

The Facts

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area

 (born & raised!)

I earned a degree in Communication from USC in 2008.

I am a certified sex & relationship coach.

I am in a thriving open relationship with a partner I love.

I work with people who are on a journey of discovery around what they really want in their intimate relationships, regardless of social convention. I believe that everyone has the right to create healthy, honest relationships that truly fit them. I'm nonjudgmental and open-minded to all sexual and relationship orientations. 

We are a good fit if:

  • You are willing to face your fears and be emotionally vulnerable.

  • You want to be 100% yourself in sex and love and feel desired as your authentic self.

  • You understand the importance of communication and you're ready to practice talking about your desires.

  • You value personal growth, introspection, honesty, empathy and deep connection.

  • You are curious, open-minded and eager to explore. 

Who I work with

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