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Overcome conflict in your relationships by transforming defense mechanisms into deeper intimacy & creating win-win agreements in the bedroom.

Overcome shame and fear in sex and love. 

How amazing would your life be if you felt truly free to be yourself in your intimate life?

In our society, relationships are changing just as fast as we are. With shifting identities and roles when it comes to just about everything—gender, sexuality, work, family—it's confusing to know how to navigate modern relationships. 


Because of outdated ideas of how relationships are "supposed to" be, many of us experience shame, guilt and fear that keep us from honestly manifesting the love and sex life we really want. But it's time to overthrow these limiting beliefs.


You and your partners get to create relationships around your authentic needs, desires and values, not "supposed to's." You get to define what success in relationships means to you. 


It's not always easy, but facing your fears together and creating customized relationship agreements builds deeper, healthier intimacy than you may have thought was possible. Let me show you how.

You bElong here. 

Design a thriving relationship that fits.

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Hi! I'm Janel.

I am a human connection specialist and anti-shame advocate empowering people to create more openness, honesty and authenticity in their intimate relationships. I believe in fearless love—which doesn't mean perfect, conflict-free relationships. Fearless love is being willing to examine and share uncomfortable feelings with your partner to deepen emotional intimacy and build a stronger relationship together. 

I've always been passionate about love and sexuality. Yet from a young age I struggled with my desire to explore more openly than society or my Catholic community approved of. I didn't have sex-positive role models, so I had to blaze my own path. I learned to face my fears, let go of shame about my desires and finally find a partner who truly loves me for me. 


Now, as a sexual empowerment & relationship coach, I want to help you manifest a love and sex life that reflects your true desires. Design relationships that fulfill your needs, help you grow and contain the closeness you crave. 

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Everything you need to know about creating more authentic intimate relationships:

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Design a love that truly fits.

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