Unconventional Desires Coaching Project

Are you or you & your partner grappling with something less-than-traditional in your love or sex life (i.e. kink, BDSM, polyamory, open relationships, ethical non-monogamy, LGTBQIA+)? Apply for a free coaching session from Janel that will be recorded and published to help others.


Level-up your intimacy with my offerings:

Private Coaching

Transform your intimate life with a multi-session virtual coaching journey, or book a private video message from Janel.


Video Message

Receive a private video message from Janel with support about whatever you're experiencing in your intimate life.


Online Courses

Stay tuned for my next virtual program to help you create a more authentic, thriving relationship & sex life.


"Janel's openness and non-judgmental mentality made us each feel incredibly validated and comfortable sharing our feelings. She helped us understand each other in such a deeper way. We feel closer and better equipped to navigate difficult times in our marriage. It's a complete night and day difference!"

- Devin & Jo R.

What kind of relationship do YOU want?

Love isn't one-size-fits-all. Find out if a traditional relationship fits you best at this stage of your life or if you are craving something more open.



Meet Your Coach

Janel Vitale




I'm a sexual & relationship empowerment expert.

My passion is empowering people to "unlearn" outdated myths about sex & relationships, gain powerful communication tools for deeper intimacy and create more authentic relationships. I help people transform fear, jealousy and insecurity into more fulfilling connection and pleasure. 

I became a coach because of my own shame journey.

After 14 years of Catholic school, I thought something was wrong with my sexual desires. On a quest of discovery, I traveled the world as a cruise ship singer, lived on open-minded communes, experimented with polyamory, took 400 hours of relationship coaching trainings and even hiked 5,000 miles across the US. Along the way, I faced my fears, practiced self-compassion, learned to talk about my needs & desires without shame and co-created the intimate relationship of my dreams. Learn more >

Get my free guide for writing your own relationship rules.

Social norms are rapidly changing, which makes navigating modern intimacy confusing. It's up to partners to negotiate their own relationship agreements these days. Challenging, yes, but also freeing & fulfilling! Start designing your intimate life around your needs, desires and values with this thought-provoking guide.

Influencing a sex-positive generation.

With over a quarter million followers on TikTok alone, I'm honored to help people around the world create shame-free intimate relationships.


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