It's time to intimately reconnect.

If you and your partner are struggling with different desires in the bedroom, find out how to design a win-win intimate life with your Desire Archetypes™️.


Hi! I'm Janel.

My passion is empowering couples struggling with different desires for their sex and relationships to design a thriving intimate life, whether that looks like getting on the same page in the bedroom or designing a secure open relationship (or both).

I became a coach after years of battling shame about my sexuality and desires.

After 14 years of Catholic school, I thought something was wrong with me because of my non-monogamous relationship orientation. On a quest to free myself from my shame, I lived on open-minded communes, experimented with polyamory, hiked 5,000 miles across the US and took hundreds of hours of relationship coaching trainings. Now, I help others create more authentic intimate relationships.

"Janel's openness and non-judgmental mentality made us each feel incredibly validated and comfortable sharing our feelings. She helped us understand each other in such a deeper way. We feel closer and better equipped to navigate difficult times in our marriage. It's a complete night and day difference."

- Devin & Jo R.

Opening your relationship?

If you and your partner are exploring consensual non-monogamy, download my free guide for thinking through your desires & boundaries around an open relationship.

Influencing a sex-positive generation.

I'm honored to empower my community of half a million people around the world to create shame-free intimate relationships.


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What's your relationship style?

Love isn't one-size-fits-all. Find out if a traditional relationship fits you best at this stage of your life or if you are ready to design a more open relationship.

"Janel's approach to sex and relationships is life-changing. We finally feel confident telling each other about our needs, desires and boundaries. Working with her is one of the best decisions we've ever made. Every couple should have this experience."

- Steve & Renée F.

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